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Explore Maui's Mother Reef

With a Marine Biologist

Join us for an informative guided tour of Maui's beautiful coral reefs. Snorkel from shore and learn about the unique ocean ecosystem, native animal species, and ways you can help to preserve the natural beauty of this environment. Fun, educational and safe for the whole family! Located in Olowalu area.

Maui's Best Guided Snorkel Tours

We provide everything you need to have a safe and informative adventure

Conservation Based EcoTours

Our company mission is to provide a fun and educational snorkel experience to all who feel inspired by the ocean. From children to adults, our staff will get you comfortable in the water, and guide you on a journey to explore and discover the amazing marine life that can be found in Hawaii's mesmerizing waters. 


Each Dive Is a Unique Experience

With wildlife constantly moving through the area, grazing, hunting or hiding, each tour is a unique experience. You never know what you may see!

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