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Join Me For an Unforgettable Experience

By the end of our dive, I want our guests to be inspired and asking "What can I do to help protect our Oceans?" - Paul

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Our Team And Mission

Paul studied Marine Biology at the University of North Carolina Wilmington, and has been working in the Marine Conservation industry since 2015. From Sea Turtle rescues to coral projects, Paul dedicates his career to what he loves.

Our Mission: 
Our mission is to provide a fun and educational snorkel experience to any and all who feel inspired by the ocean. From children to adults, our staff will get you comfortable in the water, and guide you on a journey to explore and discover the amazing Marine Life that can be found in Hawaii's mesmerizing waters. 

Our Focus on Conservation:

We teach you about ocean conservation and the current factors affecting our ocean ecosystems. Our staff works to ensure your safety and environmental impact are always top-of-mind. We also take every opportunity to remove trash and other ocean impacting materials from the reef on the tours. Don't be surprised if our guide takes a dive down to recover a piece of rubbish to help keep our reefs clean for our aquatic friends!


Reviews From Our Guests


"Our snorkel experience with Paul was a once in a lifetime opportunity! He was extremely kind and knowledgeable and answered all of our questions about Maui, corals, and the fish we saw on our trip. His experience as a marine biologist makes him the ideal guide, and his patience with our varying skill levels put us all at ease. I would recommend Maui Conservation Snorkel and Paul to anyone visiting or even living on Maui to get a truly unique perspective on the beautiful ocean surrounding this island paradise. We will definitely be joining Paul again next time we visit Maui." ~ Audra Volpe

"We had an amazing time.  The setting was personal and educational. It was great to have a personal marine biologist to teach us what we were looking at. The views were priceless I was really spoiled with my first ever snorkeling experience. The equipment is new and sanitized. We learned several little tricks of the trade that were really helpful. Our guide Paul took great pictures for us so we could really enjoy the moment. We were able to view sea turtles and several other sea life it was really amazing. Thank you for the once in a lifetime experience."
~ Terry R

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"Truly amazing. Paul is a marine biologist at the aquarium! Which meant he was full of knowledge about the reef and its inhabitants. He was more than willing and answer all our questions about what we saw and made sure to point out things he saw! We are not swimmers but the gear made it easy to stay afloat and feel safe. We swam to a large section of coral reef that had so many sea turtles! Paul also took great photos that we now have to remember this experience for a life time. Overall Paul was fantastic and the experience was top notch."
~ Ashley Ridilla


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