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Snorkel Maui's Mother Reef with a Marine Biologist

Conservation Based EcoTours

Unique to our company, we focus on more than just getting you the best snorkel experience possible. Our Marine Biologist staff focus on educating and inspiring about our Ocean's fragile ecosystem to ensure it is preserved and protected for generations to come. We touch on Sea Turtle Conservation, Coral Biology, Coral bleaching, and what best practices we can apply when we are out there. We also clean the Reef during our dive!


Maui's Best Guided beach snorkel tour

Our Adventure begins at the consistently calm, clear water's off Maui's west side near Lahaina. We provide all the snorkel gear you need including flotation, plus reef safe sunscreen. We do a Snorkeling 101 and get you comfortable with your gear in the sandy calm waters where we can still stand, and then it's off to the Reef!


Each Dive is Unique

With Wildlife constantly moving through the area, Grazing, Hunting or hiding, each Dive is a different and unique experience. You never know what you may see!

Turtle in the Reef

Meet Your Guide


Paul studied Marine Biology at the University of North Carolina Wilmington, and has been working in the Marine Conservation industry since 2015. From Sea Turtle rescues to coral projects, Paul dedicates his career to what he loves.

By the end of our dive, I want our guests to be inspired and asking "What can I do to help protect our Oceans?" - Paul

Dive on in!!

  • Snorkel from Shore

  • Family Friendly

  • Small Groups to Personalize Experience 

  • Meet near Lahaina

  • Tour from Approx. 8-10AM 

  • Provide all gear and Snorkeling Instruction

Permitted by Hawaii dept. of Land and Natural Resources permit #20-132116

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